Corporate Work Study Program (CWS)

De La Salle North Catholic High School, founded in 2001, has enlisted the support of over 90 Corporate Partners in the Portland Metropolitan Area. The Corporate Work Study program (CWS) is an integral part of the De La Salle North Catholic education. Students fill entry-level office positions in banking, law, healthcare, finance, architecture, engineering, and many other exciting career fields. The CWS experience provides a tremendous opportunity for underserved students to get a college-prep education and solid professional skills, while at the same time providing a diverse, motivated, enthusiastic entry-level workforce for our Corporate Partners.

CWS for Students and Families

What Sets DLSNC Apart From Other Schools in the Portland Area.

CWS for Corporate Partners

Invest in Today’s Workforce Solution and Portland’s Future Leaders!


Why CWS Works

For sponsors
  • Creates a diverse entry-level pipeline of capable young men and women.
  • Instills a sense of pride in companies, knowing that they are making a difference in the lives of students with limited economic resources.
  • Cost-effective since the cost of a team of Student Associates is less than one full-time employee.
  • Stabilizes high-turnover positions and reduces burnout in full-time staff. The most talented workers in the next wave of the labor force can be identified, trained, and eventually hired.
For students
  • Acquire real-life skills necessary for success in any workplace.
  • Develop the self-efficacy and sense of accomplishment needed to dream about a viable, productive future.
  • Immersion in the corporate world increases chances of staying in school and connecting with that world after college.
  • Learn the value of work and that employment is a privilege.
For the school
  • Able to provide a rigorous college preparatory curriculum to students in a faith-filled, values-oriented environment.
  • Link real-world work experience with academic learning.
For Oregon
  • Greater potential for keeping a highly educated, productive workforce in Oregon after college.
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