Counseling Services

The Counseling Department at De La Salle North Catholic is committed to providing support for all students and their families as they work to meet the demands of high school and navigate challenges that may arise in school, at home, or in the community. Counselors work with students individually, in the classroom, and in small groups to improve academic performance, explore their abilities and interests, increase motivation, formulate realistic goals, and maintain satisfactory personal and social lives.  

Counselors also educate students on psychosocial issues such as suicide prevention, dating violence, healthy relationships, substance abuse prevention, child sexual abuse prevention, mindfulness, and college and career readiness. In addition, we facilitate the connection of 9th and 10th graders with summer enrichment opportunities, enabling them to explore their interests and develop leadership potential.

School Climate

The Counseling Department at DLSNC actively collaborates with students, faculty, and administration to create a positive and safe environment. We organize a Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention Day for sophomores and conduct grade-level specific, in-classroom social-emotional lessons, covering topics such as emotion management, interpersonal skills, and fostering a supportive learning environment. As part of our commitment to comprehensive student support, we've established a Care Closet offering essential personal care items at no cost. These initiatives contribute to enhancing our school community's awareness of equity and social justice issues.

STAR Program

STAR is an outside resource available to DLSNC students affected by trauma and high levels of stress. Operated by The Children’s Program, STAR is an outreach resource group that helps students understand how trauma and stress tend to affect teens and how they can begin to heal. Interested students must enroll in the STAR Program through the Counseling Department. STAR Program therapists visit DLSNC weekly to meet with enrolled students so as to develop coping plans to help them manage their stress levels. Students continue to meet in the STAR Program in the coming weeks to add to their coping plans when they learn new skills and strategies. 

DLSNC’s current STAR Program therapists are: Dr. Ally Burr-Harris (Co-Director), licensed psychologist, aburrharris@childrensprogram.com; Dr. Karina Peters, (Co-Director) kpeters@childrensprogram.com; Soobin Im, Psychologist Resident, sim@childrensprogram.com; Cleo Andersen-Green, psychologist intern, candersengreen@childrensprogram.com.

Resources for Families

In our continuous effort to create an open and supportive environment, we are dedicated to empowering our school community to navigate the complexities of life beyond the classroom. We recognize that our families may have diverse needs, including those related to healthcare, mental health, and various living necessities. Through regular communication channels we encourage families to reach out and share their specific needs so that we may support them in facilitating those connections and providing guidance. Please see the following links for more counseling resources for parents and students:

Alcohol, Marijuana and Other Drugs

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