Course & Graduation Requirements

9th grade 10th grade 11th grade 12th grade
Theology Jesus Christ in Scripture Jesus Christ Revelation Mission of Jesus Christ Mission of the Church Social Justice History of Catholicism Sacraments World Religions
English English I English II American Literature World Literature, AP Language & Literature
Mathematics Geometry Honors, Algebra I Algebra I Honors, Algebra II Algebra II, Honors Pre-Calculus Pre-Calculus†, Calculus†, Math & Society
Science Physics Chemistry Biology † Advanced Chemistry, Forensics, Environmental Science†, H. Anatomy & Physiology†
Social Science World History US History & Ethnic Studies Government Economics
Spanish Spanish I, Spanish Heritage I Spanish II, Spanish Heritage II
Addl. Required PE I Health I PE Elective College Readiness Health II
CWSP Work Study I Work Study II Work Study III Work Study IV
Selective* ARC ARC Foundations, ARC Foundations, ARC Foundations, ARC Foundations, ARC Foundations, ARC Foundations, ARC

† Dual Credit (college level)
* Academic support directed by teacher/administration

  • Electives for ALL Grades: Ceramics, Design, Drawing/Painting, Leadership, Mythology, Photography, Recreational Fitness, STEM (such as Computer Science, Engineering), Weight Training, Women’s Empowerment, Yearbook
  • Electives for 11th-12th Grades: Community 101, Psychology, Spanish III, Yoga
  • Electives for 12th Grade Only: AP Spanish
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