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Corporate Work Study Program (CWS)

What Sets DLSNC Apart From Other Schools in the Portland Area

The Corporate Work Study program (CWS) is an integral part of a DLSNC education, enabling students to gain real world work experience while earning half the cost of their education. DLSNC is one of 39 schools in the Cristo Rey Network, all of which connect classroom to career through CWS. Every student holds a professional job five full days a month, all four years of high school. DLSNC manages the employment and financial contracts with its more than 80 CWS partners. Student academic schedules are structured so that they never miss a class.


Students are solicited as to their interests prior to job placement and can change job placements at the end of each school year if they choose.


Students are given comprehensive workplace training before the start of the school year.


Students are transported to and from their job sites.

Example Work Month for 1.0 FTE: Student Rotation


FAQs for Students and Families

Yes. Students must be at least 14 years old to work in the CWS program. Thus, it is a requirement in the DLSNC Admissions process that a student be 14 years of age by September 1 of their 9th grade year.

Yes, all students are required to participate in the Corporate Work Study program (CWS). Through CWS, students fund a large portion of the cost of their education, in addition to acquiring valuable work experience and skills.

Through CWS, students earn a significant portion of the cost of their education. In addition, students learn the value of work and acquire real-world contacts, experience, and skills to help them through college and beyond.

No. Students are interviewed and evaluated by CWS staff, who then assign student teams to job sites, considering both the skill-level required for the job and the particular interests and skills of each student.

Most students perform entry-level clerical work. For example, they answer telephones, do research, maintain files, sort and deliver mail, support CWS Partner websites and social media channels, scan and fax documents, perform data entry, install computer software, and create documents with Microsoft Office. Specific job descriptions differ on a partner-by-partner basis. Students are expected to meet or exceed the level of professionalism and dedication demanded of their adult colleagues at the workplace.

All incoming freshmen and transfer students attend a rigorous one-week, partial-day Summer Employment Foundations Academy (SEFA) before beginning their first work assignments. All students also receive ongoing feedback and training from employers and the CWS staff throughout the school year.

An on-site supervisor at the CWS Partner guides and supports each student at work. CWS staff coordinates with on-site supervisors to provide the necessary guidance, training, and care that students need to succeed in their workplaces. Any disciplinary actions are conducted by CWS staff.

No. All communications to CWS Partners are made through the CWS Office at De La Salle North Catholic.

De La Salle North Catholic staff transport all students from the DLSNC campus to their jobs each morning and return them back to campus each afternoon. On rare occasions, students may also take public transportation when convenient, with written permission by a parent or guardian.  

Typically, a team of four students share one full-time job. Students rotate their schedules, each working five full days every month. Work days are scheduled Monday through Friday. Typically, Sophomores work on Tuesdays, Seniors on Wednesdays, Juniors on Thursdays, and Freshmen on Fridays. Every grade works one Monday per month. The program runs concurrently with the De La Salle North Catholic school year, from late August through early June. During the year, students work according to the CWS Partner's calendar, except for federal holidays, Christmas Break, and Spring Break.

No. CWS Partners pay an annual fee to the De La Salle North Catholic for each team of students. This fee is then applied directly and proportionately to each student’s educational costs. Students may have the opportunity, however, on a partner-by-partner basis to work during school holidays and in the summer, in which case, the CWS office will process the payment, and pass on the earnings directly to students.

Yes. All students are required to wear their school uniforms to work, and must adhere to the dress code at all times. For more information about the school’s dress code, please refer to the School Policies and Procedures portion of the website to access the Family Handbook.

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