FAQs for Corporate Partners

Yes. De La Salle North Catholic High School’s Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) trains students in areas that include:

  • Basic computer skills and Microsoft Word & Excel
  • Customer service skills
  • Standard office equipment training
  • Office etiquette
  • Dress for success
  • Positive first impressions in the workplace
  • Phone skills
  • Filing and document processing
  • Confidentiality & ethics in the workplace
  • Workplace safety
  • Team Building

The 3 biggest responsibilities are:

  • Provide a positive working environment for the student
  • Provide a supervisor(s) who believes in the program and the success of De La Salle North Catholic  students
  • Provide meaningful work for the students and explain to them the importance of their role

If there ever is an issue with a student at the workplace, we recommend you deal with that student directly as you would any employee. You can also notify the CWSP Office for support.

There are many reasons to participate:

  • Be part of an innovative solution to the daunting education challenges that our society is dealing with
  • Work with a “turn-key” program that operates in a business-like fashion making participation easy
  • Enhance diversity, drive productivity and reduce other employee “burnout” from repetitive clerical assignments, by filling entry-level jobs with capable, enthusiastic young people from the center-city
  • Reduce costs - outsourcing a job costs less than hiring a single full-time employee
  • Use a reliable staffing alternative - CWSP provides transportation, screening, support and training
  • Generate higher job satisfaction – people appreciate making a difference in the lives of others and value working for a company that feels the same way
  • Groom members of our future workforce – creates relationships with a diverse student population that may become employees, clients, suppliers and friends
  • Provides greater potential for keeping a highly-educated, productive workforce in Oregon after college
  • Generates community awareness and stability by creating productive futures for “at risk” youth

Every student will receive a grade and one academic credit for the work program. CWSP staff members monitor student performance through daily time cards that students and supervisors complete. Every student is evaluated on his/her performance twice during the school year.  Although it rarely happens, students can be replaced if there are any serious issues or if work performance does not meet expectations.

This is a very common question - you are not alone!  A CWSP staff member is assigned as your corporate relations coordinator to work with you to navigate any issues that arise.  Support resources and best practices events are available during the year.

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