Lasallian Youth Ministry (LYM)


Alyssa Frangipani
Director of Lasallian Youth Ministry

The opportunities offered in LYM give our students a chance to place their faith in action. At a Catholic Lasallian school, students learn the value of God working in their lives in every classroom and then have a chance to experience it working first hand. Students who have gifts in public speaking are given opportunities to read at Mass, prayer services, and assemblies. Students wanting to see God in the larger community have the experience of serving dinner at local homeless shelters. Students interested in their personal faith have opportunities to pray communally and individually on retreats. Lasallian ministry is holistic; it is our mission to see each student and know their strengths in order to bring about a strong, unified, and caring community.

Lasallian Youth Ministry nurtures the spiritual and communal life of the school community.  Through a variety of programs and activities, LYM offers students opportunities to develop their faith, serve others, build community, and work for social justice. Lasallian Youth Ministry sponsors community-building activities, service projects, liturgies, various leadership opportunities, and retreats.

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