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Summer School

De La Salle North Catholic conducts two summer programs: The Summer Readiness Program for incoming 9th Graders, and the Summer Proficiency Program for rising 10th and 11th Graders.

Summer Readiness Program

Incoming 9th Graders who have been conditionally accepted to matriculate in the fall will enroll in Math, English or both depending upon their middle school grades, test results, and teacher recommendations. The focus in Math is on Pre-Algebra skills and the focus in English is on reading and writing strategies. To successfully complete this program, students must meet four standards: 95% On-Time attendance, 95% homework completion, positive participation in all classroom activities, and pass the course.

Summer Proficiency Program

Rising students in 10th and 11th Grades who have not demonstrated proficiency in NWEA MAP Assessments, or by teacher recommendation, will be assigned to this summer skill-building program. The school provides small group tutoring sessions with graduate students from the University of Portland, all overseen by a Master Teacher.

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