Wellness Policy

We at De La Salle North Catholic High School are committed to providing a school environment that is safe and comfortable along with providing an environment that teaches and helps to develop lifelong practices. We are committed to providing a school environment that promotes and protects children’s health, wellness and ability to learn by supporting behaviors that include healthy eating and physical activity.

I. Wellness Policy Implementation, Monitoring, Accountability and Community Engagement

De La Salle North Catholic High School will retain records demonstrating compliance with the USDA Food and Nutrition Service Wellness Policy including copies of periodic assessment reports for the school, wellness committee meeting information, and how interested parties can become involved. De La Salle will actively inform families and the public annually about this policy, updates to the policy and implementation status. The De La Salle North Catholic High School Wellness Policy and information can be found here with links in the current year Family Handbook.

At least once every three years, De La Salle North Catholic High School will conduct a triennial progress assessment. The assessment will determine:

  • The extent to which the school is in compliance with the wellness policy;
  • The extent to which the school’s policy compares to a model wellness policy; and
  • A description of the progress made in attaining the goals listed in the policy.

De La Salle North Catholic High School will actively notify households/families and the public of the availability of the triennial progress report.

II. Nutrition Promotion and Nutrition Education

Healthy eating has been linked in studies to improved learning outcomes and helps ensure that students are able to reach their potential. The school nutrition environment provides students with opportunities to learn about and practice healthy eating. This can be accomplished through the available foods and beverages, nutrition education, and messages about food in the cafeteria and throughout the school campus.

III. Standards for Foods and Beverages

At the minimum De La Salle North Catholic will ensure that:

  • All reimbursable meals served as part of the school nutrition program will meet or exceed USDA meal pattern standards
  • All foods and beverages available for sale during the school day outside of reimbursable meals must meet Oregon Smart Snack Standards.
  • All foods given away free of charge: snacks, rewards, classroom celebrations are encouraged to meet Oregon Smart Snack Standards.
  • Any foods and beverages marketed or promoted to students on the school campus during the school day will meet or exceed the nutrition standards set by the USDA.
  • Food Service Staff is open to food suggestions from students and families that could enhance the school lunch program with healthy options.

IV. Physical Education & Physical Activity

Schools can create an environment that offers many opportunities for students to be physically active throughout the school day. A comprehensive school physical activity program (CSPAP) is the national framework for physical education and youth physical activity. A CSPAP reflects strong coordinationacross five components: physical education, physical activity during school, physical activity before and after school, staff involvement, and family and community engagement.

At a minimum, DLSNC will ensure that student performance standards are developed and assessed in order to meet the Oregon Department of Education’s physical education content standards. Physical activity outside the school day/classroom is encouraged by teachers and staff in the
form of formal teams such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track and field.

V. Other Activities that Promote Student Wellness

De La Salle North Catholic will integrate wellness activities throughout the entire school environment, not just in the cafeterias, other food and beverage venues and physical activity facilities. De La Salle North Catholic will coordinate and integrate other initiatives related to
physical activity, physical education, nutrition and other wellness components so all efforts are complimentary.

VI. Employee Wellness

De La Salle North Catholic encourages staff to pursue a healthy lifestyle that contributes to their improved health status, improved morale and a greater personal commitment to the overall wellness program. Many actions and conditions that affect the health of staff may also influence the health and learning of students. The physical and mental health of staff is integral to promoting and protecting the health of students and helps foster their academic success. Employee Wellness will promote health, reduce risky behaviors of employees and identify and correct conditions in the workplace that can compromise the health of staff, reduce their levels of productivity, impede student success and contribute to escalating health-related costs such as absenteeism.

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